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Aerial Technologies that Save Lives

Voted as one of the 20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers - by CIO Review.

Our three Key Technology & Solution Offerings :

1. Persistent UAS Platforms

Our K1000ULE Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) fly further and remain airborne longer than any other aircraft in its category, powering Ultra Long Endurance and Beyond Line of Sight missions.

2. Full Scene Comprehension AI

Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Predictive and Full Scene Comprehension for the in theater advantage. Helping save lives in contested environments.

3. Smart Persistent ISR Services

We provide the most cost effective end-to-end Smart Persistent Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance as a Service (SP-ISR) on a worldwide basis.

Persistent UAS Platforms

Our K1000 portfolio of UAS Platforms deliver long endurance persistent capabilities with unlimited communications range. 


- Ultra Long Endurance (K1000ULE)

- Relative Stealth to Radar

- Beyond Line of Sight Capability

- True Open Architecture, Plug-and-play

- Completely Autonomous Operations

- NSA Type-1 and Type-2 Encrypted Communications

- Runway Independent Operations

- Multi-constellation Navigation & INS

- Anti-jamming & Anti-spoofing, EW Immune

Smart Persistent ISR Services

"ISR Per Hour Per Mile" - Based on a heritage of defense, security and technology innovation, Kraus Aerospace is disrupting the aerial Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) space by deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to bringing to market the most innovative, efficient and highly cost effective 'Smart Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance' (SP-ISR) as a Service.

With short and efficient deployment cycles, we enable real-time persistent wide-area aerial SP-ISR solutions for the warfighter, federal and global governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial institutions - worldwide. We address the core industry problems that creates overruns and abandoned ISR projects for large areas such as border and maritime patrol. 

We drive results with 100% visibility of an Area of Operation (AO), 100% of the time with low capital outlay.

- Tailored Military Deployments, worldwide

- Global Reach enabling any Mission

- 24 x 7 x 365 Continuous UAV Services

- Highly Robust Military-Based Models

- Complete End-to-End Managed Services 

- Permissive or non-Permissive Missions 

- Operated by U.S. Military & local Veterans

- Contractor Owned - Contractor Operated

- Government Owned - Contractor Operated

- Data integration into decision processes

- Supporting Group-1 through Group-4 UAS

- Leading ISTAR, SIGINT, SAR & WAMI sensors

- Evergreen technology models

- The most cost effective SP-ISR service

Artificial Intelligence with Predictive and Full Scene Comprehension

- Heterogeneous sensor input

- Real-time video and image processing

- Automatic object identification

- Dynamic object classification

- Object trajectory computation

- Object relative-speed detection

- Dynamic target identification and alerting

- Searchable data based on defined scenarios

- Permissive and non-permissive data support

- Cloud based or localized platform options

- Customized algorithms to meet requirements 

- Fully encrypted based on U.S. DoD standards

- Multiple-object tracking per scene

- Multi-scene object tracking capability

K1000ULE Vehicle Launch

Safe, Simple and Reliable vehicle launches. Built for users with the toughest requirements in the most austere conditions, the K1000ULE supports multiple launching modalities including hand launch and vehicle launching options.

Highly Capable ISR with Extreme Stability  

Featuring a Trillium HD40 equipped with a 720p EO Global Shutter at 42° - 2.2° FOV and a Full 30Hz  640 x 680 FLIR IR at 18.2° - 4.6° FOV. The K1000ULE boasts one of the most capable and stable FMV ISR packages in the Group-1 UAS category.

K1000ULE unveiled at the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX 2019)

Watch the official U.S. Navy video of the Kraus Aerospace K1000ULE Stealth UAS being demonstrated at San Clemente Island during 2019 ANTX West. Radio relay, extended mesh networking, Signals Intelligence, FMV ISR and airborne endurance capabilities were demonstrated. 

K1000v2 at USSOCOM TE 19-1

End-to-end autonomy. The K1000v2 was demonstrated at the USSOCOM TE 19-1 exercise in November 2018 at the Avon Park Air Force Range, FL. Ultra Long Endurance in a group-1 UAV for weather independent, persistent and autonomous airborne capabilities.

K1000v2 UAV

Long Endurance Persistent Capability. The ideal endurance platform for airborne Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Radio Relay, Infrastructure-less Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) services, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR), Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging, and other payloads.

VTOL Capability

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